Semi-conductor industries, Robots, Wood machines, Laser cutting machines, Transporting equipment.
    1. Compact and high positioning:
    It is a compact design using nut and support bearing as an integral uint. 45-degree steel ball contact angle make a better axial load. Zero backlash and higher stiffness construction give a high positioning.
    2. Simple installation:
    It is installed simply by fixing the nut on the housing with bolts.
    3. Rapid feed:
    No inertial effect produced by the integral unit rotating and the shaft fixed. Can select smaller power to meet the rapid feed requirement.
    4. Stiffness:
    Have a higher trust and moment stiffness, because the integral unit have an angular contact construction. There is no backlash while rolling.
    5. Quietness:
    Special end cap design allows steel balls circulating inside the nut. Noise generated by high speed operation lower than ordinary ballscrew.
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16-16S2-R1 N/A 16 mm N/A 68 mm N/A 44 mm N/A 3.175 mm N/A 3.175 N/A 52 mm N/A 1299 kgf N/A 1826 kgf
20-20S2-R1 N/A 20 mm N/A 78 mm N/A 50 mm N/A 3.175 mm N/A 3.175 N/A 62 mm N/A 1762 kgf N/A 2531 kgf
25-25S2-R1 N/A 25 mm N/A 92 mm N/A 63 mm N/A 3.969 mm N/A 3.969 N/A 72 mm N/A 1946 kgf N/A 3036 kgf
32-32S2-R1 N/A 32 mm N/A 105 mm N/A 80 mm N/A 4.763 mm N/A 4.763 N/A 80 mm N/A 3150 kgf N/A 5035 kgf
40-40S2-R1 N/A 40 mm N/A 140 mm N/A 98 mm N/A 6.350 mm N/A 6.350 N/A 110 mm N/A 4800 kgf N/A 8148 kgf
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