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The quiet industrial robot with SynchMotionTM Technology offers quieter operation, smooth movement, low particle emitting rate, longer service life and superior lubrication. With the SynchMotionTM Technology, SK industrial robots will be more suitable for industries which need higher speed and quiet performance.

Modify Configuration

Item #
Item #
Nominal Width (mm)
Ballscrew Lead Width (mm)
5 10
Accuracy Grade
Normal Precision
Ballscrew Special Order
Ballscrew Special Order Normal Type
Rail Length (mm)
Rail Special Order
Normal Type Rail Special Order
Block Type
Number of Blocks
Block Special Order
Block Special Order Normal Type
Motor Adaptor Flange
Cover Type
Aluminum Cover Bellows Normal Type
Limit Switch 1
Supply with Motor without Motor
  • 1 The 3D model displays the limit switches in a fixed position but the limit switch positions are adjustable when assembled onto a single axis robot.